Real Estate Signs: How to Revitalize an Old Advertising Method

Even in today’s world of online targeted advertising and impressive webpages, more than 50 percent of all homebuyers say that they found the home they were looking for thanks to real estate signs. It’s clear that this traditional form of advertising is still an excellent way to build interest and sell a property. However, it’s important to update your methods to ensure that you’re getting the most mileage out of your signage.

Update #1 – Ditch the Brochure Box

Technological advances mean that there’s no longer any need to spend your time keeping a brochure box full. Not only are these cumbersome and time-consuming, many neighborhoods won’t let you post them due to concerns about flyers coming loose and cluttering up the neighborhood. Today, a simple QR code placed on the sign can easily and quickly give potential buyers all of the information that they need about the property.

The same can’t be said of sign riders, however. These have become an excellent way to make open houses sign stand out from the rest. Consider forgoing the traditional “price reduced” and go for something a bit more memorable – “Not Haunted” for an older, traditional-style house, or another funny or clever phrase. This will help the properly stick more clearly in potential buyer’s minds, and help you stand out above the rest.

Update #2 – Make Your Sign Work for You

Why not let your sign work to capture leads for you? While using a qr code real estate signs can provide buyers with a virtual tour or brochure with more information about the property, there is another method that can do the same thing, while simultaneously recording the buyer’s information as a lead capture for you. This technology is called Text-to-Lead. When a potential buyer texts the sign’s code into the system, not only will they receive an answer with more information about the property, you’ll receive information about them allowing you to follow up immediately. This can be extremely convenient, cutting down on the legwork that you have to do in order to sell the property.